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An exceptional opportunity to study in Sweden without the need for a language degree at the prestigious Swedish Hyper Island College

As the only official and exclusive representative of Hyper Island College in Sweden, Pars Afshin Institute is proud to inform you that after long consultations, this institution has succeeded in obtaining the possibility of studying in the specialized courses of Hyper Island College for Iranian applicants.

The courses of this college are held in two cities, Stockholm and Karlskrona, and they are divided into three timings: 1 year, one and a half year and two years.

Dear applicants, there is no need to have an IELTS or TOEFL certificate, but they must have a language level between 5.5 and 6 IELTS to be able to successfully pass the interviews held by this institution and college.

The minimum required documents to participate in these courses is to have a complete diploma. A number of courses require programming knowledge, which you can obtain by completing a free 21-hour online course. Hyper Island College is recognized by Swedish employers and due to the combination of academic training and internship, you have a very high chance of finding a job in the field you are studying. You will have and you will be given the opportunity to be in close daily contact with reputable Swedish employers during your studies and internship and present yourself as a serious employment option. For example, out of 80 weeks of studying in the two-year field of front-end programming, you spend 53 weeks at the university, and 27 weeks you spend practical units and internships in different companies.

It should be noted that after completing your studies at Hyper Island College, you will not be given an academic degree, and the degree provided by Hyper Island will be a professional diploma in your field of study.

Currently, Hyper Island College is the only study option in Sweden that you don't need to have a language degree and with language knowledge and success in interviews, you can get admission. Being the capital of Sweden, being in this city provides you with better opportunities compared to smaller cities.

After consultations between this institution and Hyper Island College, we managed to obtain a quota of 5 seats in each field for Iranian students, and considering the exceptional conditions of this college and the quality of education, we expect this capacity to be completed quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to contact us as soon as possible if your decision to study in Hyper Island Sweden is finalized. In addition, due to the exclusive contract of Iran Hyper Island College with this institution in Sweden, all calls and correspondence of Iranian students have been sent to our email and you must log in legally through our recruitment channel.

Learning experiences for personal and professional growth

Hyper Island accompanies you in acquiring exclusive merchants in line with personal and professional growth. Unlike traditional training, our methodology is tested and leverages a wide network of industry experts. Through our global network of schools and business services, we put people at the center of innovation, management and change for success today and tomorrow.

The importance of your success

Hyper Island works with individuals and organizations to promote personal and career growth. Unlike conventional training, we use industry experts to design transformative learning experiences to directly respond to the current needs and potential future challenges of a growing market. We equip our students and participants with open minds and relevant skills.

Our school is the heart of Hyper Island

We immerse future talent and industry professionals in transformative learning experiences to help them adapt to changing times. We offer full-time and master's programs, online and face-to-face courses in Europe, Asia and America.

Courses tailored to your needs

We offer both online and interactive courses where participants experience how to predict future changes in the present.

Reliable business solutions

We partner with companies around the world to create dynamic and innovative cultures that accelerate long-term change and future-proof organizations.

Learning the way of life

At Hyper Island, learning is not limited to just a class or even a course. In our opinion, learning is a way of life. Learning means engagement, enthusiasm, trust and curiosity about the changing world and when it comes to actually experiencing it.

Prepare for reality

We collaborate with leaders and experts to anticipate industry needs in a world where innovation is causing disruption. We may not be able to predict the future, but we can support people and companies to face the future.

Change leadership

We are very active in big technological changes. Tomorrow's leaders will be those who embrace change, quickly adapt and act on new paradigms. We seek to inspire, equip and support these new leaders.

Using all the potential of people

Hyper Island invites people to engage passionately by challenging them to set ambitious goals and empowering them to learn and empower themselves to realize their potential.

The importance of teamwork

Cooperation, inclusion and transparency are very important for growth. Through continuous feedback and deep reflection, people develop deeper self-awareness, enabling them to be more effective team members and leaders.

رشته های تحصیلی در کالج هایپر آیلند

Business Developer

The business developer course is offered over a year and a half consisting of 65 weeks, of which you will have 45 weeks at the university and 20 weeks of internship. The course fee is 180 thousand kroner. The course starts on August 10, 2020 and ends on December 17, 2021, and the place of classes is Stockholm

During this course, you will meet real companies and business cases. You are not only limited to textbooks and you will be faced with practical and practical information from the first day. You will learn how to set up, manage and develop business and commercial activities in Europe and Sweden and you will learn how to update and save your business or your employer through digital and online channels. A high school diploma is required to study in this field, contact us for more information and to receive the academic syllabus.

 Content Developer

The field of content development or content production is offered during a year and a half, consisting of 65 weeks, of which there will be 45 weeks at the university and 20 weeks of internship. The starting date of the period will be August 10, 2020 and its end will be December 17, 2021. The tuition fee for this study course in Hyper Island, Sweden is 180,000 kroner. The class is held in Stockholm.

Transferring concepts in the 21st century goes beyond words. By studying in this field, you will have a deep understanding of the strategic use of texts, images and videos. Narration of texts, content production and film production, correct essay is one of the things you will have in this field

Data Analyst

The data analyst course consists of two years, consisting of 80 weeks, which includes 53 weeks in the university environment and 27 weeks of internship. The starting date is August 10, 2020 and it ends on April 1, 2022. The course fee is 205 thousand kroner. The place of the classes is Stockholm.

Create change with data-driven decisions. Despite the huge sources of information for companies, while creating competition among companies, they are required to learn how to manage, analyze and analyze data in order to extract the necessary insight and knowledge as a basis for strategic decisions. and you will acquire necessary skills for strategic marketing during this course

Design Lead

The Design Lead course consists of 45 weeks during one year, which includes 30 weeks in the university environment and 15 weeks of internship. The course fee is 152 thousand kroner and the course is held in Stockholm.

Improving your skills in digital relations, design and creative problem solving from the planning stage to its implementation is one of the goals of this course. The entire content of the course is designed according to the needs of today's industries by high-ranking professionals using the project. The real ones along with the cooperation with the communication network in this industry is one of the features of this field

Digital Media Creative

During two years consisting of 90 weeks, which includes 60 weeks at the university and 30 weeks of internship. The course fee is 229,000 kroner and the place of the course is Stockholm or Karlskrona.

Based on the world of information technology, exploring the latest trends in design and technology, and creating strategy and entrepreneurship by acquiring new skills from programming, facilitating, creating protection to marketing and business strategies are the goals of this course.

Front End Developer

During two years, consisting of 80 weeks, which includes 53 weeks in the university environment and 27 weeks of internship. The course fee is 205 thousand kroner and the place of the course is Stockholm

In this field, you become a bridge between designers, project managers, and clients. Other language developers help produce amazing user experiences on the web and apps.

Motion Creative

During one year, consisting of 45 weeks, which includes 30 weeks in the university environment and 15 weeks of internship. The course fee is 152 thousand kroner and the course is held in Stockholm.

Advancing your design in the form of a world-class visual storyteller and bringing your designs to life, creating animation images for software platforms, movies, mobile videos along with the development of the toolbox through practical exercises are the goals of this course.

UX Designer

During two years consisting of 90 weeks, which includes 67 weeks in the university environment and 23 weeks of internship. The course fee is 229,000 kroner and the place of the course is Karlskrona

Creating meaningful and usable products and experiences for users and helping companies to better understand customers in a place where human behaviors and needs meet with market demand and the latest technologies by using data-driven research through holding meetings with Researchers, designers, production managers and engineers are among the goals of this course.

Motion Designer

During two years consisting of 90 weeks, which includes 67 weeks in the university environment and 23 weeks of internship. The course fee is 229,000 kroner and the place of the course is Karlskrona

Acquiring skills to create animated content with the help of basic animation principles is only one of the skills you will learn. By studying in this field, graphic skills will make you a professional user under the guidance and training of the first level experts of this industry in Sweden.


Many important and prominent organizations in the world are looking to invest in talents that act as a bridge between business opportunities and the capacities of the world of technology.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the accuracy, speed, performance and effectiveness of human efforts also increase and the role of humans is still bold and important, especially in the field of personalizing artificial intelligence solutions in business mechanisms.

What is Hyper Island?

When multimedia pioneers Jonathan Briggs, David Erickson and Lars Lund met to work on a project, little did they know they were embarking on a lifelong learning journey that would impact tens of thousands of jobs and businesses over twenty years. gave

In 1996, as they got to know each other better, they realized that all three had one thing in common: none of them had enjoyed learning as children. They were so frustrated with the linear and fixed method of education in an ever-changing world that they devised an alternative way of learning, where learning was experienced hands-on, and bought an abandoned prison in Karlskrona, Sweden. . The word "hyper" is of Greek origin and means "beyond".Just as the "h" in http is used in computer coding today, the word refers to digitization and navigation through a non-linear world. The "island" is Stomholmen, a small piece of land east of Trusi in Karlskrona, where the prison is located. Formerly owned by the Swedish Navy, today it houses our school as well as one of Sweden's oldest maritime museums and several other historic buildings.

Hyper Island is an amazing experience for young people seeking to learn science and life. Where students learn that what seems impossible is possible. Where they discover how the latest science and technology can enable innovation and progress in the world. Here, students are encouraged to examine the status quo and follow their dreams.

In this school there will be no right or wrong, no teacher and no homework. Instead, students participate in real-world projects and learn by solving important problems. They are encouraged to focus on teamwork rather than individual effort and acquire the skills to work effectively and innovatively together. The founders strongly believed that all people have the ability to grow and provided students with new ways of thinking and learning to become lifelong learners and leaders of change.

Today, Hyper Island has a global presence and is renowned in the industry for its progressive development and vibrant community of young talent, forward-thinking leaders and professionals from around the world. Our purpose hasn't changed and we still want to change the world by impacting more people with useful skills, tools and motivation to thrive in the digital world. Our vision is a world of lifelong learners

How to pay tuition

After passing the interviews, students must directly deposit 25% of the tuition fee to the Hyper Island account within ten days after signing the contract with the college. The next payment is 50% of tuition, which should be paid in July and the remaining 25% in November after entering and starting studies.

During the negotiations of this institution with Hyper Island College, if the applicant's study residence request is rejected by the Swedish Immigration Office, the college will return the rest to the student after deducting the amount of SEK 5,000. This law is only valid for Iranians, and students from other countries will suffer up to 10% of the total tuition fee in case of visa rejection, which is much higher than the amount of 5000 kroner.

All financial matters and financial transfers take place between the college and the student, and this institution has no intermediary role regarding the payment and return of tuition fees. Of course, we will provide the necessary guidance at the time of submitting the bill and requesting a tuition refund.

Admission process

After you contact us and provide your academic information, your language level will be tested directly by the Sweden office of this institution, and if you have the required language level, you can sign a contract with us. After signing the contract, the following documents are required

- Your educational qualifications, preferably a complete high school diploma and up to the bachelor's level with an official translation with confirmation

-Justice and foreign affairs

-Personal photo file

- Scan the first page of the passport in PDF format

-Resume in Europass format

-Motivation letter from studying in Hyper Island

- You must present us with research under the title of task application, which is written in English and can be read in a maximum of five minutes. This assignment can be in any format, whether it is written or a PowerPoint slide or even a five-minute video. We recommend that you use your maximum creativity in this field. The subject of this assignment will be presented to you by us

After sending the mentioned documents, we will arrange the nearest interview time for you with the coordination of Hyper Island. In order to conduct an online interview, you must have access to a good quality internet, a quality webcam and microphone, and Google Hangout. On the day of the interview, your valid passport must be presented for authentication

Interview steps

You will be interviewed individually for 45 minutes, after which you will be placed in a group with 4 other students and start discussing a joint task. The purpose of this part of the interview is to evaluate your performance in the group and how you work. After finishing the group work, Hyper Island will send you a short research topic and give you 90 minutes to send your research file to them and us. The purpose of this part is to evaluate how you work under pressure and deadlines

After completing the interview, we will announce the result of your test after one week. If accepted, Hyper Island will send you the contract between you and the college online. After signing and confirming the contract online, you must deposit 25% of the total tuition within 10 days at most.

Ask our offices for additional information