The recent history of language courses in Sweden

The first course of English language courses in Swedish universities was held by this institution in 2011 at BTH University, Karlskrona city, with 25 students after the change in the policy of Swedish universities regarding the payment of tuition fees by students with non-European passports. The tuition fee for an English language course was 50,000 Swedish kroner, with our consultation as the first and only official representative in Iran at that time, our students paid a discount of 30,000 kroner, which is 180 kroner for each of our students. They participated in this course by paying 5 million four hundred thousand tomans. 

In September 2013, BTH University, with the policy of making the university smaller and focusing on fields that had more power, dissolved the humanities and language department of the university, and we entered into negotiations with Linnaeus University of Sweden at that time to meet the needs of our students and succeeded. We became the first Iranian institution as the official representative of that university. Linnaeus University's language courses did not reach the quorum before the arrival of our students due to the lack of students, and with our entry into this course, the classes reached the quorum in 2013 and the course was implemented with a tuition fee of 37,500 kroner. Until today, this course has been implemented in all semesters, and with our help and recognition of this course by Iranian students, up to 600 people apply for admission to this course.

After our positive performance and the success of Iranian students, other Swedish universities and new representatives chose this way as a new gateway to universities and profitability.

Today, many legal and illegal student sending institutions advertise and attract students for these language courses. There are a handful of institutions that provide accurate and correct information to students and obtain academic admission through the correct and legal route, but many individuals and companies demand large sums of money from students in search of profit and obtain academic admission to study in They receive these courses and after earning the necessary profit, they leave the students with many legal problems.


Advantages of Swedish university language courses

Cheaper tuition

By paying one semester of tuition, you will be able to get a 6-month visa

Easier acceptance

With IELTS 5.5, you can be accepted

Accompanying visa upon arrival

Spouses and children under the age of 18 can get a visa together with the student

Ability to continue studying at higher levels

By completing the language course, you can get a language exemption and continue your studies at higher levels

The ability to change the type of accommodation

After completing the language course, you can change your type of residence to work or investment

Obtaining Swedish study residence

With this residence card, you and your companions will be able to travel to all Schengen countries without the need for a visa

The deadline for registration and signing a contract with us

To apply in the fall semester of Swedish universities, where classes start at the end of August, you must sign a contract and submit documents by January 15th, and to apply in the spring semester, when classes start at the beginning of January, you should apply by August 15th. Sign the contract and submit the documents. It should be noted that due to the high number of applicants and the limited number of admissions and vacant seats, priority is given to applicants who register early.

Conditions for admission to Swedish language courses

In order to study in the language courses of Swedish universities, you must meet the following conditions

Having an academic IELTS score of 5.5 with all sections not less than 5
Full and pre-university diploma
Also, all applicants must have one year of university education with valid transcripts.

Please ask for the necessary documents from our Tehran office.

Visa issuance procedures

After signing the contract and obtaining academic admission, you should go to the Swedish Embassy in Iran to open the application for academic residence and apply with the academic admission and other required documents. The Embassy of Sweden in Iran sends your case to the residence office in Sweden, and after some time, your case is transferred to the direct manager of the case in the system of the Immigration Department.

The officer of the immigration office must ensure the authenticity of your request regarding your intention to continue your education and your ability to start and finish your education, therefore, in most cases, with the coordination of the embassy in Tehran, you must participate in an in-person interview and tell the officer of your case. And let his representative in Tehran assure you that you really have no intention but to continue your education and that you have the necessary preparation to start your studies. This preparation includes an acceptable level of English language, favorable educational conditions and necessary financial ability. 

Since this institution is officially licensed by the Ministry of Science of Iran and officially registered in Sweden, and we have the official representation of Swedish public universities, we request only if you have a real and genuine intention to continue your education and are qualified in terms of language level and Whether you are in terms of education or finances, use our help to get admission and study in Sweden.